Clattering Bones

When I first came to seminary two years ago I had two mentors, ordained pastors, whom I loved then and love now. One was an advocate, an ally for sexual minorities, the other believed homosexuality to be a sin. I felt the pressure, however unintended, for me to “choose a side.” To which camp was I going to align myself on the issue of people’s sexual orientation and their inclusion in the Kingdom of God?

I resisted choosing. I recall clearly stating that I did not, before ever entering the ordination process of my denomination, want my ministry to be defined by this one item. I did not want to be labeled; I did not want to be put into a group where I was ostracized by others – or exclusively welcomed; I did not want my ministerial career derailed because of my identification “for or against homosexuality” obscuring God’s work in me for the beloved children.

Recently, I was discussing this with my daughter. She had heard my rationalization before, but this time she weighed in: “so, you do not want your entire identity as a person defined exclusively by sexual orientation?” (She then made some sort of grunting sound and rolled her eyes a bit.) Point taken.

There’s lots I still don’t understand, so I try to ask questions, and listen. I am pretty clear though that honoring the two Great Commandments leaves no room for me to interpret the scriptures in justification of ostracizing, condemning, or rejecting any one. When I read the Good News of Jesus Christ, I see reference after reference to loving, protecting and accepting those that society – including at times institutional religion – elects to exclude.

So, today I am adding to my resources list the blog “Clattering Bones”.

Painting by Dalana Castrell (Emilia Cleopas)   I would encourage you to take the time to read two of the first posts:

  “Here We Go”   and “Where Are We Going…” for a thorough personal and theological treatment of why this conversation is important. Thanks, Jess. Thanks, Court; I love you. D.

Oh! So there’s no confusion: I do not believe homosexuality is a sin, but like heterosexuality, a God granted gift. Praise be to God for divine mercy for us all. 



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